Traditional ink and digital artist, Nogi San has been honing her skills in traditional Japanese ink painting for the past several years. 
Passionate about Japanese art, pop culture and black and white art since she was a kid, she started drawing really soon, already inspired by artists like Shinkawa, following his tracks before finding her own style.
She now wants to share her passions through her interpretation of ink painting, bringing out a perfect marriage between her passions. 
Growing up in a family with 2 different cultures, with an eastern Asian mom and European dad, Nogi brings this aspect of diversity in her art.
With the will to modernize traditional sumie art, her goal is to make it more accessible and approachable outside of japan by mixing it with modern pop culture. 
Nogi’s evolution into traditional ink painting allowed her to introduce another medium to this union: Digital painting.  Mixing both mediums extends the range of her talent even further to create impactful visuals, changing the classic conception of traditional ink painting. 
Engineer school drop out, Nogi decided to live off her passion by becoming a freelance artist and wants to show the world you can succeed in accomplishing your dreams with hard work and perseverance. She’s now working with numerous project and companies such as 20th century fox, clothing brand collaborations, magazines and many others. Now she is honored to work with Emporio Armani for the olympic games occasion. 
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